RedOker was established in 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has its origins from an NGO called Ukwakha Isizwe Foundation that at the time served as a daycare shelter for boys living on the city streets. RedOker was started as an initiative to offer many of these boys an opportunity to develop craft skills and ultimately a means of sustainable income.
At RedOker it is our ambition to collaborate our passions, talents, skills, experiences and resources to bring about a positive difference in our society. We desire is to see enrichment in every dimension of the people we work with, physically, relationally, socially and spiritually. RedOker is a vehicle for us to accomplish this aspiration and to model a sustainable entrepreneurial venture with a fundamental social conscious.


We are passionate about exploring effective methods to bridge the divide between the Public- , Private Enterprise- and Non-Profit Sectors.
As a small public-goods enterprise, RedOker serves as an opportunity for us to pursue and develop new channels of diverse sector cooperation. We are enthusiastic about seeing existing manufacturing businesses and industries that are diminishing due to various economical challenges being revived and restored through a transformed approach to business practices.


We believe that every enterprise carry a responsibility to actively pursue prospects of fighting unemployment. This is to happen through revolutionizing traditional models of operation or establishing new paradigms.
 A renewed mindset is required to fully comprehend and embrace the significance of this obligation.


We are fanatical about being creative and are using our love for design and production as a platform to build our dream.
The design and manufacturing industry in South Africa carry enormous potential to have far greater global recognition. By effectively pursuing these prospects, many desperately needed labour opportunities will be created. 
A fundamental aspect for any successful business venture is effective partnerships, collaborations and networking.
We consistently apply ourselves to explore the benefits of association and rewarding relationships, starting from within our own organization, extending our focus across diverse industries and sectors.